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The Gateway to Incredible Adventures

Travel-O-Scope was started by an engineer with a clear vision of taking people on short weekend trips on budget. Working as an aeromedelling instructor on the weekdays and travelling on weekends is what he would encourage people to do.An avid reader by interest, and a socializing nature inside Travelling started to cling onto him. He realised that nothing in this world is as beautiful as the nature itself and once you get lost in it, you discover yourself! He used to work from 9 to 5 on weekdays and escaped to the excursion places on weekends. We at #traveloscope would like to invite all the solo travellers, couples, office and college groups to travel with us on budget for the most memorable moments, some crazy adventures and bindings over the veiws of mountains to beaches. We realize that we can make people experience things they have been missing out, the entire time.

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